How To Have a Boy or Girl

Why Try to Choose a Baby’s Gender?

Many believe that a child is a real blessed gift from God and this is absolutely true. Regardless if it is a boy or a girl, that little bundle of joy representing the union of the mother and the father will always remain as a gift that God has blessed your union as a couple. On the other hand, there is really some parent who feels a sense of being incomplete after having more than two kids of the similar gender. Take for instance, a couple who has three kids, all of which are girls and wish to have a baby boy as their next child. Conceivably, improving your chances of getting that baby boy can be a reasonable thing after all.

Choosing the gender of a baby is more formally referred to as baby gender selection. It is actually the terminology made up to refer to the process of increasing a woman’s chances of having a child of a chosen gender. There are fertility treatment techniques in the same way as there are gender selection methods that can help increase the odds of getting the boy or girl you want as your next baby. Natural methods of choosing gender of baby are also made known. This technique primarily derives its efficacy by acknowledging the character of sperms knowing that the particular chromosomes of these sperms are the ones that determine the gender of the baby that would be conceived.

However, some may wonder why there are couples that are very much determined to choose the baby gender they prefer for the baby to be conceived. Well, hearing from their statements, you are sure to learn some of the rationale behind their decision to go for baby gender selection. One of the reasons that motivates them besides achieving a complete set of gender for their family, some parents who lost their child are persistent to rebuild the family by wanting to have a child of the same gender as that of the lost child.

You may not be aware of these but you should understand why some parents also prefer a particular gender for their child due to something that they want to prevent like a genetic disease passing on. Take for example, Hemophilia, which is a disease occurring only in male members of the family. If the family has history of Hemophilia, for sure the parents would be expected to choose to conceive a baby girl instead of a boy. This also goes the same way with all other genetically-influenced diseases.

Choosing the gender of baby may be a normal thing for some people. On the other hand, some people consider this as an issue related to morality and ethical standard. At the end of the day, selecting the gender of the baby yet to be conceived is still a matter of individual preference based on the benefits that it can bring to the family as a whole.

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Tips on How to Conceive a Baby Boy

It is very normal to have a particular preference about whether you desire a girl or a boy for the next baby you are planning to have. Getting pregnant and giving birth are two of the most important moments in a couple’s life. It is only rational that some aspiring parents would desire a natural and effective manner to have some bearing on the gender of the soon-to-come baby. There are some who believe that there is no means to influence how to have a boy or a girl. With all honesty, while it is a fact that there are some aspects that are beyond the control of humans, there are some dynamics of conception that can be influenced. Are you skeptical? Don’t be because this is not a false claim; as a matter of fact, plenty of couples can testify that these methods really work for their preference of having a baby boy. Click Here to see real couple’s stories and find out how you yourself can increase your odds of having a baby boy.
If you and your partner feel that you really have high desires to be parents of a baby boy and you are trying to find valuable information that can guide you how to have a boy, you have landed on the right page.
To start with, it would be important that you know that your male partner produces two types of sperm; X chromosome sperm and Y chromosome sperm, wherein Y is the boy and X is the girl. So if the Y chromosome sperm meets up and fertilizes your egg first before X does, you are sure to conceive a baby boy. And the better news is that there are things that you can do so as to influence Mr. Y sperm to meet your egg cell ahead of Ms. X.  And here is news for you! You can influence the gender of your baby if you can determine your ovulation period and timing intercourse not earlier than 24 hours before you release your eggs (ovulation). Why? Because Mr.Y sperm lives shorter than Ms. X sperm and if you have sex earlier than your ovulation MR. Y would likely die leaving the female chromosome sperm to fertilize the egg upon its release from the ovaries. But if you time your sexual intercourse just before you ovulate, the male chromosome sperm would be able to reach and fertilize the female egg faster than the female sperm because the male sperm swims faster than the female sperms.
This also explains why some reports state that there are favorable sexual positions when making love that would improve the chances on how to have a boy or a girl. These are the imperative basics on influencing the gender of the baby that you plan to conceive. As a matter of fact, there are scientific methods that are based on these theories only they are explained in a more detailed and analytical presentation. Now that you have learn some of the basics, your next task is to learn how to predict ovulation so that you can better time your sexual intercourse during the most appropriate day that would improve your chances to have a boy!

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Tips on How to Conceive a Baby Girl

It is but normal for some couples to have a preference for the gender of the baby they want the next time the mother would conceive. There are many reasons as to why some couples are particular with the gender and the idea of discovering the key on how to have a girl is always the intention of those parents who had succeeding boy births. But did you know that one of the many factors to help you conceive a daughter is the diet that the mother is eating regularly? What about the idea that the best way on how to have a girl can be achieved if you pay attention to your ovulation and that there is the best timing to improve your chances of conceiving a baby girl? Do not take this as a joke because there are many who attest to the veracity of these ideas.

One tip on how to have a girl is to make the journey of the male sperm to the egg a very long and strenuous one wherein it should leave the male sperm exhausted and eventually succumbed to death. This goal can be achieved by means of working on sexual positions that would allow the release of the sperm very near the vaginal entrance. This means that the sperms both male and female will need to travel long just to meet the egg they will fertilize. With the thought that male sperms live shorter than female sperms do, they would eventually die even before they reach the egg released by the ovaries. To be able to achieve this, male partners should work on carrying out shallow penetration during sexual intercourse.

Another tip that should be used in combination with the first tip is to increase the acidity or pH level of the vaginal region. This is because this environment is favourable for girl sperms and greatly harmful for boy sperms. This can be achieved by increasing your intake of foods that are loaded with magnesium and calcium such as dairy products and green leafy vegetables. If you are really determined to hit the mark in creating a favorable environment for the girl sperms, you need to keep away from foods that are high on sodium and potassium like grapes, carrots and onions. Douching can also intensify the vaginal pH, so if you want to have a girl, then you may need to think about this option by looking for douches manufactured to serve this purpose but do not forget that diet can effectively help you with the task of increasing your vaginal pH. In order for you to monitor if you are working on the right path of increasing the acidity of your vaginal region, you can make use of pH testing strips that can be purchased in affordable prices in pharmacies.

In your great desire on how to have a girl, the most important that you need to pay attention to is your ovulation period. It takes effort and dedication in order for you to have a clear identification on when would be the day that the egg will be released by your ovaries. Knowing this and timing your intercourse based on your ovulation period coupled with the tips mentioned earlier, there is a greater chance that soon you will have the baby girl you have long been wanting to have.

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